GRAEPEL HIGH TECH Industries offer the best range of products with a high aesthetical and quality profile.
The excellence of our stainless steel, the splendid design and accurate finishing, are the distinguishing features of each product by GRAEPEL Company.

The modern equipment and the almost totally integrated production make it possible to manufacture customized products at very competitive prices.

Our products' different styles, from modern to contemporary to classical, are the proof of our neverending search for creative stimuli. Our customers are therefore provided with a wide choice of items that can suit all lifestyles and meet all needs.

Our well-designed simplicity is meant to offer our customers a wider range of combination possibilities and more freedom in customizing their living spaces.

An insight in modern architecture and in its technologies, and a close collaboration with famous industrial designers (Pepe Tanzi; Marc Sadler) lead GRAEPEL lndustries to play a more and more important role on the market.
Catalogo G-Line PRO

G-LINE collection: an idea, a trade-mark, and an innovative collection of home and office accessories designed to meet everyone's needs.

An idea: we conceive our products by examining a problem and then by trying to work out its solution in team.

A trade-mark: Graepel Italiana, a leading firm in the production of metal sheets, has more than 100 year experience on international markets. Ideas are certainly important, but there have to be the right tecnology and the right team to transform them in successful products.

A collection: every year new items are designed and produced to complete the already existing range of products.