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Graepel anti-slip gratings

On the “safety under feet” subject Graepel offers a wide range of gratings. All of them, in different ways, are very useful to remove any slipping hazard.

The common features of these safety gratings are their easy and versatile utilization, their modularity and the great variety of sizes available. Furthermore they are self-supporting and allow very interesting static solutions. Every working place involves a range of risks and dangers to the safety of the workers. Therefore the safety has to be deemed as the major requirement in the planning and building of any civil, industrial or agricultural installation. Later on you will find ideas and solutions for designers and persons in charge of the safety; further, our technical staff is available for any specific problem you may have.

Appliance features

Graepel gratings, in opposition to others, can be cut to lenght or incided to create passages (for pipes or cables, etc.) on the place they will be used, without losing their firmness. 
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