P.U.B. BOX INSTANT - Prime Utility Box
design Pepe Tanzi e Pier Ugo Boffi

A stackable and multi-functional container that can be combined at pleasure. If equipped with wheels it may become a handy trolley for easy moving.
A wooden chopping-board is also available.

Its logical and functional design makes it a fun and ironic object.
Inspired by a common, universal container, this object has been re-proposed as a high-value product and made from a recyclable, light and modern material.

Produced from polished stainless steel or lacquered steel in red, black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange and silver.
The product is delivered assembled as it is accurately spot-welded.

Basso: 51 x 31 x h 18 cm
Alto: 51 x 31 x h 26 cm