design Marc Sadler

Qbo is a basic module: a geometrically perfect cube.
Its dimensions have been studied to hold a wide range of domestic objects.

Multi-functional in any setting: even in the kitchen Qbo has an important role to play.

Qbo heads towards a concept of furnishing which is not limited by fixed dimensions and arrangements. Qbo represents a less definitive and more cosmopolitan solution: essential in shape but rich in substance.

It creates new space without dividing, and it is perfect for small rooms too.


Qbo is available with the following finishings:
- polished stainless steel
- brushed stainless steel
- galvanized steel
- steel lacquered with epoxy powders (red, black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange and silver)

35 x 35 x h 35 cm

- unperforated or perforated door made of polished or brushed stainless steel, galvanized steel and lacquered steel (a special version with lock is available for the unperforated lacquered door)
- shelf made of polished or brushed stainless steel, galvanized steel or lacquered steel
- glass door
- glass shelf
- Qbo block (fittings for composition of several Qbos)
- supporting feet for 1 Qbo
- supporting wheels for 1, 2 or 3 Qbos


File holder made of anodized aluminium

30 x 8,5 x h 34
Qbo bottle

Wine bottle holder made of galvanized steel

33 x 33 x h 33 cm